Manny Pacquiao – The World's Best Fighter of All Time!

Manny Pacquiao did it again! He won the battle over Antonio Margarito with the judges' unanimous decision. Manny has just sealed his 8th world champion title after a 12 round of boxing with Antonio Margarito from Mexico whom they thought would defeat Manny. Since the start of the first round, Margarito has not shown a bit of his prowess over Pacquiao.

A man of honor, dignity, pride and love for his country, Manny did his best to win the fight to give pride to his country, the Philippines. The fight was quite frustrating because almost all people in the venue and even those who were watching on their televisions want Manny to beat Margarito with a TKO but unfortunately that did not happen. During the 5th round, the right eye of Margarito already swelled because of a cut and it got even worse as the fight continues. Being a true gentleman and being humane as he is, he did not give his best on the last round afraid of hurting Margarito even more.

Having all the God-given talent and skills developed through his very rigorous practice, Manny has everything to make a fighter win every battle that would come his way. Margarito was nothing compared to the speed, agility and balance of Manny. He had not knocked Margarito down but the body was totally devastated. He can't almost see from his right eye because of his cut.

And now, the question is still ringing all over the boxing arena, is Floyd Mayweather Jr. the next opponent? Will he accept the match? As what Manny has said in his interview after he won, "when it happens, it's okay with me but if not then we can do nothing", "I don't need him anyway."

Nobody has even done what Manny has achieved in this genre. To have 8 world titles would need a great amount of effort for practice, love for himself and the people around him, passion for his sport and faith in God. He really is the best fighter that has ever lived in this world. A man who only wants to use his talent to make people happy and use whatever God has given him to help his people be united is a great vocation indeed. Now that he has won again, Manny is excited to go back to the Philippines to continue with his service to his constituents as Congressman of Sarangani, Philippines.

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Source by Eva Grace Gorreon-Montemayor

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