Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer

Hard Work Dedication – The Curious Case Of Floyd Mayweather Jr

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 29 - 2021
  1. Floyd as a teen, Turning Pro
  • What people say, all the time, every-time…

1) Canelo ‘The future of boxing’ was too young for Floyd but not for cotto.
2) Hall of Fame destined’ Cotto was too old for Floyd at 32, but not to old for Canelo at 34.
3) Floyd apparently ducked Margarito, who got ko’d by HOF Great Shane Mosley
4) Mosley was good when beating Margarito, but too old the very next fight vs Floyd
5) Marquez was too small for Floyd but koed ‘Fighter of the Decade 00’Manny.
6) Floyd dodged Manny until Manny got old, when Floyd is 2 years older because Floyd never gets old.
7) Floyd cherry picked and beat an old ‘Golden Boy’ Oscar while Manny didn’t cherry pick an older and weight drained Oscar.
8) Oscar a cherry pick at 34, Cotto great fighter at 34 and Floyd not washed up at 38.

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 30 - 2021

Floyd & Dela Hoya set history, break record PPV numbers

9) Zab was not a great opponent
10) Baldomir beat Zab but Floyd cherry picked him
11) Maidana gave Floyd a good first fight, but Floyd cherry picked the rematch.

Maidana reflecting on his career

    Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Although it was not damaging, Floyd’s jab keeps you at distance and gives himself the proper distance to throw the following punches.
    You can barely land more than two consecutive punches on him. You can catch him in relatively solid fashion with the first, but he would adjust his body to soften the second and then he’s either gone or grabs you.
    Mayweather and Erik Morales:
    These two guys had solid chins. I caught them with clean punches and they would never blink.
    The way his legs position him to either defend or to attack is just amazing.
    He just simply used (his intelligence) to do everything just right.
    Mayweather and Morales:
    Although two totally different styles these guys really know how to box and to get away from dangerous situations to come back with their own arsenal.
    Simply the best of his time. Undoubtedly the best I’ve ever faced is Floyd Mayweather. Too smart, slick and also has a tough chin.

12) Diego was a good victory, but that was a long time ago.

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 31 - 2021

13) Yeah Floyd koed an undefeated 41–0 Hatton, but Manny did it quicker because Hatton wasn’t a shot fighter by then.

Ricky Hatton on Floyd;

“He knew how to pull out of range, he knew what distance the punch might come from and knew how low to duck.

“At times I thought he ducked too low below the waist and that he used his forearm to keep you at arms distance.

“I was frustrated at the time, but when I look at him now, I just think, ‘what a clever smart arse in the way you do all that.’

“He was so clever defensively and it would just be a little nudge or sway that made all the difference.”

“Floyd is up there with the very best of all time – the greatest of all champions.

“People say boxing is to hit and not get hit, and he has got it off to a tee.

“Boxers try to imitate the style and get his skills. Adrien Broner immediately springs to mind, but they cannot do it like Floyd.

“What I remember wasn’t just how good he was at defence and that he rolled so many punches, it was about his timing.

“He knew how to let the storm blow and choose the right moment to put his foot on the gas. That is a boxing brain.

“That is greatness nobody can teach.”

14) Sweat Pea and Ali “All Time Greats” had great defense, but Floyd is a runner.
15) Floyd called out Tzu after 3 straight fights but was ducking him.
16) Arturo Gatti wasn’t a good fighter, yup Gatti couldn’t fight.
17) Floyd was 152 against a 165 Canelo but Floyd had the weight advantage due to the 152 catch weight that Canelo asked for.

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 32 - 2021

18) Floyd fought 23 world champions and they all weren’t good.
18.a) 23 World Champions spanning 3 decades, yup none of them could fight.
19) Floyd isn’t challenging himself at 38 yrs old because he’s fighting Berto, but his last fight was Manny, the fighter of the decade.
20) Floyd is a different 38 because he has the skill to not take much damage…and that’s not a great achievement.

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 33 - 2021

21) Floyd Mayweather used IV vitamins! That’s why Manny lost.
22) Floyd fought 17 bouts in one year, and that’s not risky
22.a) 20 years professional, Floyd’s never hit the canvas. and that’s not amazing.
22.b) Floyd’s spent over 21 years, fighting world class boxing champions above his natural weight, in a business specializing in punching the head.
23) He’s been hit once. Mosley. link.
24) Re-read that.

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 34 - 2021

25) Yeah ok, he went unbeaten 49 times, untouched, smashed every record, took rocks spot, dunked on boxing, made a billion dollars, and none of that’s remarkable.

26) Enough Already, without being romantic, if you’re just talking, pure data, pro career numbers.

27) No one is even close. No really… NO ONE , like not even kinda close

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 35 - 2021

27.a) Floyd Mayweather Jr is something we’ve never seen, and-may not again.

Calculating “greatness” by the numbers might be an impossible task.

But for the purposes true analysis, and taking into account that age-old boxing axiom, Mayweather is every bit as good as he claims to be: the greatest ever.

If best means not losing, most efficient, most won.

  1. vanilla data:
  2. wins / loss / punches thrown / landed / taken / efficiency.

28) When it comes to boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr is very, very good.


So what makes him this good? Everything.

STYLE – Floyd has spent a lifes long hard work in technique, embedded from the very basic simple fundamentals of boxing, Please see former Boxing greats breakdown Floyd Mayweathers unique style. link

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 36 - 2021

Still Not impressed? Need more? Simple rock solid numbers more your thing?

Sure, On-wards ….

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 37 - 2021

“Hit and don’t get hit,” goes the old adage in boxing.

And from a statistical perspective, at least, it seems no one is better at living up to that credo than Floyd Mayweather Jr.

According to Bob Canobbio, owner and founder of CompuBox — a computerized scoring system that counts every punch a boxer throws and lands — Mayweather’s average connect rate of 46 percent, compiled during his past nine fights (a “prime” designated by CompuBox), ranks as the best among current active fighters.

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 38 - 2021

By how much?

Well, fellow pound-for-pound greats such as Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto (both 34 percent during their primes) just don’t hold up. And Nonito Donaire, it seems, isn’t as flashy as his “Filipino Flash” nickname suggests, averaging only 29 percent. Mayweather’s only competition in the accuracy stakes is super middleweight champion Andre Ward, at 38 percent.

  • More impressive than Mayweather’s own connect percentage is that of Floyd’s opponents against him. They land a mere 16 percent of punches thrown, the lowest collective figure recorded in CompuBox’s 4,000-fight database.
Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 39 - 2021

While most of boxing’s cognoscenti debate who should be crowned pound-for-pound king, few would question Mayweather’s dominance as the era’s best defensive fighter. That’s an important distinction.

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 40 - 2021

Because although all fighters hit as often as they’re physically able, the best boxers connect often and avoid being hit too frequently.

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 41 - 2021

Given that, what can we surmise about Mayweather’s station using the CompuBox data?

Subtract the average connect percentage of Mayweather’s opponents from Mayweather’s own hit rate during that designated prime, and the numbers reveal an enormous chasm between Floyd and today’s other top fighters.

With respect….

I don’t care who you know, what you’ve seen, or where you’ve been …

He may not be your favorite boxer, But I guarantee you…

Floyd Mayweather JNR, is the best boxer.

Is Floyd Mayweather Best Boxer 42 - 2021

Hard work, Dedication – A Master.


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